Village for Change


Village for Change is a residential and outpatient substance misuse program. 

It is the aim of Village for Change  to provide clients  with a safe, secure, supportive environment and an array of professional services, activities and experiences that will assist clients in successfully achieving their goals.

Community Partners  sees our relationship with the client  as a “partnership” for the client's  benefit and our work together as moving toward a positive change.  

We have a special way of working with our clients, guided by some core values, beliefs and ideas. The services are based upon an approach called client-directed, outcome-informed therapy. We work very hard to form partnerships with the people we serve, so that each individual and/or family can overcome their current and future challenges and resume successful productive lives.  We have adopted the core values of safety/security, partnership, privileging our client’s voice, accountability and positive change. 

A client's perceptions of a working relationship and their progress with us are of critical importance, because change depends on using the clients ideas and abilities more than anything else. 

CDOI service contains no fixed techniques and no causal theory regarding the concerns that bring people to therapy. Any interaction with a client can be client-directed and outcome-informed when the client’s voice is heard as the source of knowledge and solution. Helpers purposefully form strong partnerships with clients: (1) to enhance the factors across theories that account for successful outcome; (2) to use the client’s ideas and preferences to guide choice of technique and model; and (3) to do the work with reliable and valid measures of the client’s experience of the alliance and outcome. Our staff will be glad to provide you with more information on client-directed, outcome-informed therapy and the Village for Change project.

Community Partners hopes that client s will embrace the core values of the approach of Client-Directed, Outcome-Informed which are:

  • Safety/Security
  • Partnership
  • Privileging our client’s voice
  • Accountability & Positive Change

In addition, clients are expected to be accountable for: keeping all scheduled appointments, adhering to the structure of the Project, establishing positive support systems through partnerships with staff and peers and to respecting their environment to allow the change process to begin. Village for Change will be your partner throughout this process so you can make the choices that will serve you well in your life.

Village for Change offers: 

 A supportive home-like environment

 Confidential therapeutic services

 Individualized services based on client feedback

 A highly competent treatment team.

For more information contact : Village for Change 

Phone: 561-841.3500

Fax: 561-686-7170