Adult Services

We believe it is a fundamental right for all individuals to have a level of support that ensures healthy physical and social-emotional development. Since the best place to raise a healthy child is a healthy family, we support the child within the context of the adults in the family, and the family within the context of the community. Locally accredited by Nonprofits First, whose mission is to promote quality and accountability in local nonprofits, we have also achieved annual Child and Youth Development (CYD) Accreditation from the Council on Accreditation (COA), an international family-service and behavioral health care accrediting organization, since September 2006.

We bring experienced professionals who partner with all members of the family to find solutions.
The value: Difficult issues are addressed in a positive way by focusing and building on the family’s strengths.
We bring programs based on mental health research and best practices to adults, children, and youth.
The value: Unmet community needs are addressed through our evidence-based, quality programs.
We fill critical service gaps in the community and creatively maximize resources.
The value: Adults committed to learning, safety, health, and trust create homes where children and youth thrive. 

Community Partners of South Florida (CP) has expertise in providing adult services in these key areas: