Brighter Than Sunshine

The night is darkest before dawn and 21-year-old Richard’s life was clouded in hazy shadows.

Suffering from mental illness, Richard was no stranger to local mental health facilities and would check himself in when it all got to be too much. He wandered around in a daze and the smallest incident would cause Richard to derail.

He was referred to Crossroads for his untreated mental health issues via various providers but the most recent referral came from the Quantum Charter School who worked with Community Partners therapists and case managers to ensure that Richard got the services he needed to maintain stability.

Unlike others Richard had seen for treatment, his Community Partners therapists and case managers worked with him. Talking with him to address his issues, explaining treatment options and building a stable relationship of trust and dignity to ensure the best outcome for the young man.

Secure in the knowledge that his Community Partners family cared, Richard began to open up and his team learned that the reason he skipped out on appointments was because he believed that his past caregivers never listened to his wants or needs.

In addition to establishing a strong relationship with Richard, Community Partners linked him to other resources in the area to put him on the path to emotional and financial sustainability.

“He wears the biggest smile on his face,” said Targeted Case Manager Dominique Miller.

“Sort of like a human sunflower walking around just radiating sunshine. He’s a pleasure to work with and I am so proud of him. Despite the odds, he’s exhibited great resiliency and initiative and he’s making greater and greater progress every day.”

Currently taking classes at a new school, Richard is now happy and at peace with the world. The only thing missing from Richard’s life?

“A great new girlfriend,” he said with a sly grin.