The Spirit of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is more than a feast, football and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is a uniquely American holiday celebrating the generosity and the bounty of the human spirit.

Community Partners’ Targeted Case Management department were on a mission to ensure that their clients all got a hearty and nutritious Thanksgiving dinner this year and Jody Snyder spearheaded this initiative alongside Kara Cropp, Leona Shaffer and Britaniney Bellamy.

Through her extensive community resources, Jody heard about a program at the Urban League where full Thanksgiving dinners complete with turkey, fresh vegetables and a dessert were being handed out to those in line.

Since their clients weren’t able to make it to the Urban League, TCM took the initiative and decided to go in their place. 
Even though the event started at 8:00am, the line started filling out at 4:00am. Sleepy yet undaunted, Britaniney woke up early and made sure she was there before dawn. 

“Britaniney coming early was a lifesaver,” said Kara Cropp. “We were numbers 25, 26, 27 and 28 out of hundreds.”

By the time the sun rose, the line had snaked down the block and all the way to Roosevelt Middle School but thanks to a little pre-planning and a lot of coffee, the TCM team was able to secure Thanksgiving dinners for all of their clients.

“My family was extremely grateful,” said Kara. “They’re homeless and have been living in a motel so they’re spending it with their grandmother. When I dropped off the food, she looked at all of it and said, ‘Now, I can cook for three days!’”

“These families are really deserving,” Kara continued. “Life happens to everyone and if I can help them to endure one less difficulty, it makes it all worth it.”