Dreams really do come true!

English or Esperanto, Danish or Dutch, Spanish or Swahili – the word ‘family’ has the same roots.

At Community Partners, we believe in family. We believe they are the building blocks to a strong community and we firmly believe in empowering their financial development. We also believe in roots - in making a house a home and a home a reality for every family.
Rosana is a member of the Community Partners family.  A facilitator for the Teen Outreach Program, she is deeply invested in Palm Beach County’s adolescent population and works relentlessly to help them make smarter decisions and change the odds.

Like everyone else, Rosana and her husband Juan were seeking the American Dream. Nothing indulgent or excessive – just a home they could call their own.

“For my husband, being an immigrant from Guatemala, (owning a home) is the ultimate American Dream,” Rosana said.

“A home for my children to grow up in and really put down roots for years to come, it also means economic stability. Owning property is an asset and one day it will be an investment into owning other properties. We just see the possibilities of economic growth.”

Working at Community Partners, Rosana has heard stories about the success of the Housing Department and that factored heavily into her decision to partner with the organization when it came to buying her first home.

“We decided to seek assistance from the Housing Services at CP after hearing all the work they do and how they really hold your hand through the process,” she said. “I believe in the work CP does.”

Loan processor Marcia helped the couple navigate through the complicated channels of homeownership. “She was so patient and walked me through every question and concern I had,” Rosana said about Marcia. “I am so appreciative of her being available at all times around my busy schedule with TOP.”
“When I first bought a house 300 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing and something like this would have really helped,” Marcia said with a smile.

She thinks of herself as, “the mom” – double checking the homework and making sure the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

“I tell them it’s going to be OK and that they can do this,” she said.

“I go to all the closings. I like to be there because I know it can be daunting. And afterwards, I love seeing the faces when it’s all done.”

Rosana and Juan closed on their house a few weeks ago and are now busy discovering the joys of home maintenance.

“My husband is hard at work repairing and remodeling our home to make it OURS,” she said. “We could not be happier.”