A Fresh Start - Javi's Story


Being a stranger in a strange land is difficult. Your new home doesn't feel like home. Not yet. Everyone else speaks another language and when you find people who do speak like you, it's just a little different. Their inflections and references are new to you. Even small, inconsequential things like what to eat for breakfast seem strange to you.  

Javi's life had been tumultuous from childhood but now, things were skewed in a way like never before. 

A newcomer to the United States from Honduras, the 17-year-old had never attended school nor had he ever received medical treatment – no doctor’s visits when he had a cold or childhood injury. Not even for a check-up.

He came to Community Partners via Safe Place for a mental health assessment due to egregious abuse/maltreatment from his biological parents and as a result, he was removed from his home and placed into foster care.

Being place in foster care can be complicated and confusing but CP ensured that Javi received weekly therapy sessions as well as additional crisis support. CP ensured that Javi had someone he could trust and rely on. 

Therapy enabled Javi to acclimate to the foster care system as well as to process the trauma he had experienced in his life. Additionally, it has also helped him process the separation between himself and his parents due to a strictly enforced no contact order.

“He has been able to write letters to his parents and they are currently under review by attorneys to determine whether or not they can be delivered,” explained therapist Mariella.

She reports that he is doing much better in school – attending regularly and making academic progress - and seems to be making strides during his therapy sessions. .

Now, Javi’s primary focus is graduating from high school and learning life skills so he can go on to lead a happy and successful life.

“He is eager to learn independent living skills and has greatly improved his judgement,” Mariella said.

He will remain in current foster home with on-going social and therapeutic support until the age of 23 and we hope that together, we changed the odds for this resilient and remarkable young man who has gone through so much and has so much to give.