Home Sweet Home - Janelle's Story


The American Dream is as vast and multifaceted as the nation itself.

Some dream of a brighter future as a doctor or lawyer. Some dream of owning their own restaurant and feeding the masses and some dream of working hard and saving enough to retire on a boat in the Keys.

Janelle dreamed of her own home. She didn’t want anything extravagant or fancy – just a warm and safe place where she could raise her daughter. A simple home with a yard where her dogs could play in the sunshine.

Her dream came true when she actually found a perfect home – a single family residence nestled amidst lush fruit trees, heavy with mangoes, avocados and bananas.

“I kinda stumbled upon Community Partners when I found the house that I wanted to put an offer in on,” she said. “I got hooked up with (Homeownership Advisor) Odessa and she’s been an amazing person since day one.”

Odessa helped in getting Janelle income certified to apply for the property and even assisted in securing a grant which will help pay the mortgage.

Now, Janelle plans to enjoy her home and make it feel more like her own.

“I just want to put some fresh paint on the walls and remodel the bathroom. Nothing too big. Just replace the vanities and do a couple of small things to make it feel like home. I’m super super super happy. I had a great experience with Community Partners and I'm so happy to be home.”