Finding Home - Kellie's Story

A few months ago, home was a friend’s couch but as the days grew longer, Kellie grew more and more worried.

Without a stable home, she wouldn’t be able to get her four children out of foster care.

Without a stable job, they might not be a family again.

Kellie turned to the TANF Program at Community Partners. TANF, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, is a federal assistance program designed to help needy families achieve self-sufficiency.

Community Partners’ TANF coordinator Marcie helped Kellie work on her budgeting and savings skills and helped her navigate through employment resources until she found a job through Good Samaritan Hospital.

Thanks to this steady employment, Kellie was able to save $1400 – an optimistic first step but the road to finding a safe home was a rocky one.

Due to her history of eviction, past debt and the fact that most landlords required a sizable amount of money up front, Kellie was having a difficult time finding a home within her price range which would be suitable for her children. With Marcie’s assistance, Kellie was able to track down a landlord willing to work with her but he was driving a hard bargain, asking $1200 a month for two bedroom, one bathroom apartment with few amenities and no utilities.

Thanks to the negotiating power of the Community Partners staff, Kellie was able to secure a new home for herself and her children for $1100 including utilities! The partnerships didn’t stop there. Working closely with ChildNet and the court liaison for the children’s case, Marcie was able to secure funding to help pay for both the security deposit and for new beds for Kellie’s children.

Kellie has moved into her new place and is working hard on creating a safe, comfortable home for her children. While she is living alone at the moment, her DCF case worker says that there is a solid possibility of Kellie being reunited with her children very soon.