In Full Bloom


Cultivating a garden could be considered a magic trick. By tilling the soil, planting seeds and ensuring they get exactly the right amount of water, sunlight and care – you are creating something that didn’t exist before and making it possible to let life bloom.

The H Street Park in Lake Worth was underdeveloped, covered in litter and prone to serving as a meeting place for illicit activity. As a result, this great neighborhood resource was going to waste.

Community Partners applied for Neighborworks America’s Community Leadership Institute grant and were awarded $2000 to go towards the creation of a community garden.

Teaming up with Memory Trees, Community Partners worked with Lake Worth residents to create a lush oasis in the middle of the Lake Worth Community.

The first step was a community clean-up to prep the area for the garden. Then, they selected plants, bushes and fruit-bearing trees to adorn the site. Residents were encouraged to choose flora native to their home countries so as to share in Lake Worth’s rich and diverse cultural heritage.

In addition to creating a beautiful space for the residents of Lake Worth to enjoy, the H Street Park will also provide numerous educational opportunities for the community. Children will learn about the art of gardening and take responsibility for the plants they’ve grown. In addition to this, children will also learn about plants, fruits and vegetables from all over the world.

Thanks to Neighborworks America, Memory Trees and the dedicated citizens of Lake Worth – the H Street Park is now blooming beautifully!