Picture This - Claudia's Story

Claudia curls her fingers around the bright yellow crayon, focuses intently on the page in front of her and starts coloring in the sun – bold and bright, just like the little girl’s personality.

She loves to draw and dreams of being an artist.

Claudia came to Community Partners a few months ago with her mother when she was having problems with one of her classmates. She met with a therapist and worked on developing her social skills. When discharged, her mother requested to continue with wraparound services. Targeted Case Manager Rudy was assigned to the case and encouraged Claudia’s artistic development.

To showcase her skills, Claudia entered an art contest but before she could get started on her masterpiece, something terrible happened.

Tearing around the house at top speed while chasing after her dog, Claudia took a tumble and broke her right arm.

Rudy knew his young client was devastated at the prospect of not being able to compete and he encouraged her to try anyway.

She loved to draw and create beautiful things so she should – regardless of whether she’d win or not.

Grasping the crayon in her left hand instead of her right, Claudia got to work on a picture of her mom – a smiling face with rosy cheeks and lots of warm brown hair.

A few weeks later, the winners of the contest were announced. Claudia wasn’t expecting much and was just happy to have participated.

Claudia’s picture of her mom won first place and is currently on display at both the School District Building in West Palm Beach and the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta.

In addition to public display, Claudia also won a $25 gift card – a small fortune when you’re five years old.

Community Partners is so proud of Claudia. Her talent, her perseverance and determination to draw despite the odds are qualities to be lauded and we can’t wait to see what she creates next.