In Memoriam - William 'Bill' Finley

Community Partners Founders John Corbett and Bill Finley


It is with great sorrow and much regret that we announce the passing of William ‘Bill’ Finley – our founder and our friend.

Bill’s compassion and pioneering vision led to the founding of Housing Partnership, Inc. Bill saw the urgent need for community development and affordable housing in Palm Beach County and made it his personal mission to ensure that families had a chance at a better life.

Bill lived an extraordinary life, a life of purpose:  born during the Great Depression in Chicago; serving as a bomber pilot in World War II; creating a graduate degree in Urban Planning at the University of California – Berkeley; serving as the first Planning Director for the City of Richmond, CA; serving on the National Capital Planning Commission; working for the Rouse Corporation and planning the city of Columbia, Maryland; publishing several books; serving as CEO of the MacArthur Land Foundation in Florida; creating SunFest, the largest waterfront music and art festival in the southern United States; assisting in the formation of NOAH for affordable housing in the Glades; and of course, the founding and stewardship of Housing Partnership, Inc.  Well into his 90s, Bill remained an active participant in the non-profit he founded, regularly attending board meetings and fundraisers.

A World War II veteran who earned five air medals, Bill lead by example and taught us to conquer the fear of uncertainty and embrace hope. A true example of the power of philanthropic spirit, Bill Finley was a man who devoted himself to bringing opportunity, hope and boundless promise to Palm Beach County.

Bill Finley’s inexorable dedication to Palm Beach County is truly inspirational. Thanks to his efforts, we will continue to ensure that his work will flourish and continue long into the future.

Bill leaves behind his beloved wife Anita, along with three sons, a daughter and four grandchildren.

We loved him in life. Let us not forget him in death.

Rest in Peace, Bill.