Lego Trucks Today, Rocket to Mars Tomorrow


Technology is the wave of the future and thanks to the Palm Beach County School District and Mentoring at Highland Elementary , our children will be surfing that wave with ease.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is one of the fastest-growing areas of the economy and can help provide the basis for future academic and career success.  

The county’s STEM Initiative ensures that all of our children have a chance to unlock and achieve their potential and such was the case with nine-year-old Gerson.

In May, Gerson was matched with his mentor Kyle and since their introduction, the pair  have been working together on STEM-related projects.

Most recently, Kyle and Gerson collaborated on building a solar LEGO truck from a physics solar workshop kit. They developed a plan of action for the build and then, the duo had to execute each step through a trial and error process to ensure success. In addition to teaching them technical skills, both Gerson and Kyle learned about the importance of teamwork and how to create something new together.

With an assist from the bright Florida sun, Kyle and Gerson’s project was a success!

By being engaged in the mentoring program, Kyle is helping spark and cultivate Gerson’s interest in engineering – a field where entry-level positions start at $61,000.

Gerson may be working on LEGO Trucks today but tomorrow – who knows? He could be part of a NASA Team that helps send the first man to Mars!

Watch the video here!