Post-Hurricane Irma Efforts




Community Partners' post-Hurricane Irma efforts were befitting of the organization's name as the community banded together as partners to ensure that everyone affected got the help they needed.


In Belle Glade, Community Partners's BRIDGES site aligned with Goodwill to ensure that 1300 people of this agricultural community had non-perishable food and water. 

In the Riviera Beach, Community Partners focused their efforts on Stonybrook. 

The day after the hurricane, Director of Education and Innovation Jibby Ciric went out to the Stonybrook community to assess damage and provide support.

The situation looked dire - half the residents didn't have power (and wouldn't for a week) and some residents suffered flooding and mold damage.

Worst yet - during the storm, over 40 residents had to be evacuated from the Section 8 apartment complex in Riviera Beach when the roof blew off one of the buildings. 



Jibby wanted to ensure that every evacuee was accounted for and safe.

She addressed the resident's immediate needs and helped them process the stress of the situation.

The following day, Jibby along with CEO Scott Hansel and Director of Targeted Case Management Cleveland Wester visited the site and started to formulate a plan for post-recovery efforts.

Connecting with Urban Youth Impact and the Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County, Community Partners was able to secure donations of charcoal, clothing and food for Stonybrook residents. 

They also reached out to the community and the response was magnanimous.

Publix donated 70 frozen turkeys, the West Palm Beach Marriott donated ice and Restaurant Depot donated coolers.

Most impressive were the Palm Beach County residents who came out en masse, responding to a social media post asking for donations. Some of them hadn't even heard of Community Partners and yet, they pulled up to the building with cars filled with non-perishable items, clothing, linen and cleaning supplies.

By day three - supplies were getting into the hands of the residents thanks to a concerted effort by CP and Stonybrook's resident ambassadors.

Sixteen in total and one representing each building in the complex, the Stonybrook Ambassadors organized a grassroots effort comparable to the Red Cross' disaster relief efforts - assessing needs, triaging situations and dispensing supplies. 

By working together and utilizing local resources, Community Partners exemplified their mission statement of Changing The Odds for children and families facing adversity.