Invest in Palm Beach County and Change The Odds


Maria can’t focus.

She knows her teacher is saying something about fractions but she can’t concentrate on what it is.

She yawns and her stomach rumbles. She wishes she had something to eat – a bag of chips, a granola bar, anything.

Her teacher hands back their pop quizzes. There in bright red ink – “42%. See me.”

She crumples up the paper and shuffles out of class. She just need to make it through the day. That’s all. Just make it to 3:00pm.

A girl in the hallway makes fun of her shoes. Before she knows what’s happening, they’re fighting. Pushing one another against the lockers, baring their teeth and yelling.

Another teacher comes by, breaks up the fight and both girls get sent to the principal’s office.

Maria’s mother is called in for a parent-teacher conference, but she can’t make it. She can never make it.

“Maria, who’s going to pay the bills if I don’t go to work?”


Poverty is more than just living in a “bad” zipcode and the effects of it can be pernicious and long-lasting.

Florida ranks 21st in the nation in child poverty.

A child growing up in poverty is much more likely to suffer from chronic stress which can lead to a litany of outcomes such as poor academic achievement, anxiety, risky behaviors such as smoking or engaging in early sexual activity and chronic health issues such as asthma and high blood pressure.

Community Partners is committed to fighting the effects of poverty in Palm Beach County.

We are working with families, other non-profits organizations, business leaders, government agencies and other community resources to Change The Odds for our children and families.

We understand that when you invest in an organization that supports child development, you are supporting documented high near-term returns in the form of increased school readiness, reduced special education and reduced costs for grade retention and English language learning.

We know that this investment also yields long-term returns through higher graduation rates, long-term health and wellness, greater employment and increased lifetime earnings, thereby leading to a more productive workforce and a much more stable and robust economy for Palm Beach County.

We believe that every family deserves an affordable home and that every child deserves a safe and stable home to learn, play and grow.

Community Partners has been serving Palm Beach County for over 30 years and this year, we want you to join us. Together, we can Change The Odds for our neighbors facing emotional, social and financial adversity.

Let’s invest in Palm Beach County for a brighter future for us all.