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Someday, We'll Live Like Horses

  At a point in every little girl’s life, she decides she wants a pony for Christmas. Most parents usually respond to this request by making sure that Santa leaves a teeny plastic horse with a shock of bright pink hair under the tree. Nine-year-old Natalia never got a chance to

A Fresh Start - Javi's Story

  Being a stranger in a strange land is difficult. Your new home doesn't feel like home. Not yet. Everyone else speaks another language and when you find people who do speak like you, it's just a little different. Their inflections and references are new to you. Even small, inconsequential

Hard To Breathe - Tay-Ama's Story

Ghosts of scars haunt Tay-Ama Bosquet’s forearms and wrists – faint reminders from her life working in the local packing plant. "I was a packer. Packers pack crates. That’s 48 ears of corn,” she explained. “Field workers, they throw the corn at us and we pack it and push down the boxes. We make

Bank of America - Changing The Odds!

  Palm Beach County is in the midst of a housing crisis and the ones shouldering most of the burden are low-income residents. For every 100 extremely low income renter households, there are just 30 affordable and available units and a minimum-wage worker in Florida would have to work 117

Crab Cake Cook-Off Partner in Changing The Odds: Cafe Joshua

  The maximum depth of the Chesapeake Bay is 74 feet but nowhere does it run deeper than within Chef Robert Coleman, Director of Food Services at The Lord’s Place. Growing up in the heart of Crab Cake Country on the shores of the Chesapeake, Chef Robert started his career early. “I was

Changing The Odds in San Castle

Human beings are social creatures. We might appreciate and even need moments of reflective solitude but at heart – we are connected to one another. Through blood, through love and through proximity. Living in a vibrant community with active and engaged residents serves to unify and strengthen

Growing Tall. Growing Strong. Growing Up - Jubenson's Story

  In order to cultivate growth, one must invest and dedicate their time and energy. This is true for gardening. This is true for the stock market and this is especially true for a community. When you invest in the community, the community turns around and returns the favor. Nowhere is this

Crab Cake Cook-Off Partner in Changing The Odds: Ocean Bleu

Much like a pearl hiding in the soft folds of an oyster, Ocean Bleu is tucked away in a nondescript shopping center in Tequesta. And discovering it is like finding buried treasure. Not only does the restaurant feature fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, but it’s the kind of family-run

Crab Cake Cook-Off Partner in Changing The Odds: Dixie Grill and Bar

Picture this familiar scenario: You’ve had a long day at work, the humidity makes you feel like you’re breathing soup and your stomach is grumbling so loudly, you think it might register on the Richter Scale. You need comfort. You need a cold beer and a good meal. You need to go to a place

Crab Cake Cook-Off Partner in Changing The Odds: Cod & Capers Seafood Marketplace and Cafe

When you walk into Cod & Capers, check your watch. Between the clean, briny smell of seafood and the bright, airy sailing-influenced design, you’d swear you were on vacation and now, life moves on Island Time. A Palm Beach County institution since 1984, Cod & Capers was started by