Real Stories

More Than Just A Place To Live - Karin's Story

The paradox Karin faced was heartbreaking. The victim of sexual abuse and trauma, she was suffering from depression, anxiety and agoraphobia so severe, she couldn’t leave her home. But now, Karin didn’t even have a home to leave. In June 2015, Karin was referred to Community Partners

A More Perfect Union - Blanca's Story

  We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this

Strength and Hope - Josephine's Story

  Everything she owned weighed her down as she walked into BRIDGES: Riviera Beach. Pushing a three-month-old baby in a stroller and balancing several sagging bags on her shoulders, Josephine has no job, no home and nowhere to turn. Kicked out of her parents’ home in Miami, Josephine

Picture This - Claudia's Story

Claudia curls her fingers around the bright yellow crayon, focuses intently on the page in front of her and starts coloring in the sun – bold and bright, just like the little girl’s personality. She loves to draw and dreams of being an artist. Claudia came to Community Partners a few

Emerging From The Cocoon - Samantha's Story

  She shuts the door and pads softly to her bed – a soft mass of wrinkled sheets twisted around a fading comforter. Samantha hasn’t left her room in a few days. She’s not sure if she can leave it again. A senior in high school, 17-year-old Samantha was suffering from generalized anxiety

Better Together - Kenny and Maribel's Story

  The biggest concern of the average 11-year-old boy should be if his basketball team is going to make the playoffs and the big history test next Wednesday. Kenny was worried about not making enough money selling CDs on the streets of Lake Worth. He hoped people would buy his wares because

Flying Free - Kyle's Story

  Talking to Kyle is like diving into Wikipedia. You start with one topic and ten minutes later, you’re talking about something completely different with no comprehension of how you went from point A to point B. A garrulous 30-year-old, Kyle is the kind of man with the ability to strike up a

Finding Home - Kellie's Story

A few months ago, home was a friend’s couch but as the days grew longer, Kellie grew more and more worried. Without a stable home, she wouldn’t be able to get her four children out of foster care. Without a stable job, they might not be a family again. Kellie turned to the TANF Program

New Outlooks - The Rossi Family's Story

  A family is so much more than a group of people who live under the same roof. A family is a team – working towards a common goal and encouraging each other along the way. A family is a theater troupe – entertaining one another and making each other laugh. They are a doctor’s office, a

Home Sweet Home - Janelle's Story

  The American Dream is as vast and multifaceted as the nation itself. Some dream of a brighter future as a doctor or lawyer. Some dream of owning their own restaurant and feeding the masses and some dream of working hard and saving enough to retire on a boat in the Keys. Janelle