Riviera Beach Homebuyer’s Club Holds Its First Virtual Gathering

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Due to the strength and infrastructure of Community Partners of South Florida (CPSFL), we were able to mobilize over 250 staff members and ensure that our entire organization had full capacity for working remotely within 72 hours of moving to our COVID-19 safety plan on March 17th. Despite these immense changes for everyone, we were so happy to have 18 participants from our Riviera Beach Homebuyers’ club attend the third meeting of the year just a little over a week later via our first-ever Zoom video conference on Thursday evening, March 26th. 
Three CPSFL staff members and one staff member from the Riviera Beach Community Development Corporation (RBCDC) were in attendance to ensure the Zoom meeting was a success:
Schiller Ambroise, CPSFL Housing and Financial Capability Manager 
Ludie Celucien, CPSFL Homeownership Advisor 
Coryati Campbell, CPSFL Housing Intake Specialist 
Minoka Nugent, RBCDC Program Assistant (and extraordinary liaison to CPSFL)

The Riviera Beach Homebuyers' Club is a unique, FREE, six-month experience offered twice a year designed for residents who desire extra guidance on setting specific financial goals that lead to successful homeownership. It provides space for individuals to share their experiences so neighbors can learn from and support one another. It is sponsored by the RBCDC and managed by CPSFL. 
“In these challenging times, the partners in the Riviera Beach Homebuyers’ Club are committed to supporting our families. We are trying new methods and new technologies to communicate, counsel, and educate our participants,” said Annetta Jenkins, Executive Director of Riviera Beach Community Development Corporation and Director of Neighborhood Services for the Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency.
In addition to providing practical instruction in ways to practice better money habits, Club members receive assistance in ways to establish personal savings goals. Participants are empowered to become more involved in their community by joining a network and participating as a team member. 
Advisors from our CPSFL Housing Department are available year-round to assist first-time homebuyers throughout South Florida to make wise decisions and gain financial confidence. 
We offer:
•    Initial, free consultation visit to explore your possibilities
•    Individualized housing counseling sessions
•    Year-round homebuyer education classes
•    Matched-savings for first-time homebuyers 
•    Assistance with closing costs and/or down payments 
•    Access to residential mortgages
•    Individualized counseling to improve and maintain good credit scores
•    Financial coaching to resolve credit issues and develop/manage a budget 
•    Monthly educational classes to make good decisions (English, Creole and Spanish) 
•    Educational and career assistance for success and economic independence 
•    Year-round free tax prep for qualified clients 

For more info on our housing services and guidance on how to register for our other online financial classes, visit cp-cto.org/homeownership. As always, feel free to email me, Lynda Charles, at [email protected] or call me directly at 561.841.3500 ext. 1014 if you have additional questions.