Trauma Care


Community Partners' trauma care program provides therapy and support services for children and families who have experienced trauma related to being removed from their homes for placement in the child welfare system.

Our program collaborates with partner agencies and community resources to coordinate individualized care and open access to all available help for our clients.

Our program wraps a child and family in multiple services during a time when safety, healing and physical and mental health are a necessary focus for our clients.

Partnering with the Jim Moran Foundation and ChildNet, our Trauma Care Team is among the first to respond to children and families impacted by trauma. This immediate assistance provided makes the trauma care program unique and at the forefront of trauma treatment in Palm Beach County.

Once referred, the needs of both child and family are addressed within 24 hours. Once families are contacted, our Trauma Care Team provides an in-depth assessment of needs and immediately links them to essential resources in the community.

Community Partners' strong relationships with case managers, housing programs, school personnel and other support services promote efficient, professional and compassionate assistance.

Therapy is a major component of this program and our expert clinicians focus on intensive care and proven methods that value a strong connection with our clients.

By continually assessing client progress and needs while in our care, we are able to provide the highest quality support that leads to success at home, in school and in life.

For more information, please call our Intake Department at: 561.841.3500 x 1059