Join a Committee/Advisory Group

Special thanks to these dedicated individuals for providing their valuable insight and support to Community Partners of South Florida (CP):. 

CP Development Committee 2018-2019
Charlotte Pelton - Chairperson
Allison LaBossiere
Julie Khanna
Laura Wissa
Mark Montgomery
Blair Lee   
Luis Dorelle  
Adam Narkier 
Rafael Ibarra  
Devi Ramdin 

Homeownership Advisory Group Members 2018-2019
Kelly Kinsel: Wells Fargo
Robin Holey: Synovus (Florida Community Bank)
Charles Key: Bank United
Tari Boldin: BB&T
Lucy Carr: PNC Bank
Thais Sullivan: Valley Bank

Interested in serving on a CP committee/advisory group?

Email [email protected] or Sheri Middlebrook at [email protected]: 561.841.3500 ext. 1064.