Community Partners is proud to announce Mentees on the Move - a STEM mentoring program made possible by through the Palm Beach County STEM Education Council and the School District of Palm Beach County.

Through a collaboration with the South Florida Science Center, this program is aimed to improve the STEM pipeline, inspire the next generation, and empower STEM professionals to positively influence our community.

We need you!

Keeping students from dropping out of the STEM Talent Pipeline is essential in meeting US job demands. Nearly 30% of students say they would like to pursue STEM and this number is increasing, but we can do more.

You can help strengthen the STEM Pipeline.


Here’s how:


Join us as a STEM Mentor - We’re offering a flexible, casual environment where there is a variety of hands-on activities that you and your mentee choose.

These are designed to support students who already have shown an interest in STEM Program

Who: Selected students from Belle Glade in 2nd - 5th grade at Pioneer Park Elementary - Matched 1:1 
What: Choice in hands-on STEM activities in a group setting and a chance to explore the Science Center regularly
When: The 2nd and 4th Monday of each month 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm 1-year duration, with flexibility as needed
Where: Meeting room of the South Florida Science Center - 4801 Dreher Trail N. West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Why: Innovative way to inspire and strengthen STEM for the next generation
How: Coordinated through United Way Mentors interview & pass a Level 2 background check

Through grant funding, all related program coordination efforts such as the interview, fingerprinting, etc. can be brought to your business site for your convenience. Mentors are supervised, trained, and supported based on the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™.

Please join us in this worthwhile adventure and fill out an application form today! 


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